22022022 │ Breathwork + Kirtan │ m. Sindre HA & Axel Haugland



Breathwork + Kirtan

18:30 - 22:22

We invite you to an evening on the auspicious date of 22022022, to a gathering to open yourself to your spirit and sing yourself to another plane of existence.

We will do one hour of different breathwork techniques, then sing beautiful and simple medicine songs in Norwegian and Sanskrit for about an hour before we lounge around together in a lovely and sacredly infused space before we sit in silence connecting to the space fam 22022022 meditation together.

It will be lovely, mystical, and magical. And very laidback.

Breathwork will be full - on to open up for more magic in the kirtan.

Price; 222,-

Vipps; 41397238 (Note; 22022022)

If you’re financially challenged and really feel the calling reach out, we would like to pack the room and create a full-power community vibe this evening.

About the modalities —

Kintu : Anandamide : Breath infuses the chakras, body, mind and soul with divine energies, this brings repressed emotions and shadow to the surface and flushes blocks from the energetic system, opening for more flow, bliss and life on a higher frequency. A potent way to accelerate spiritual evolution.

Inspired by mystical experiences, Taoist breatharian energy alchemy, Shamanic Magick, Wim Hoff and neurobiochemistry.

Circular breathing;

A Sufi technique and a Shamanic technique.

By breathing in a specific manner, we can build up a polarity between an active inhale and an passive exhale. In this way we create a powerful attraction. When we then allow these two opposites to merge and unite, breathing in a connected circular rythm, we are weaving together the dualistic forces in our being.

Masculine and feminine, transformation and acceptance, light and darkness, life and death.

The circle and atmosphere of this work is a co-creation by Sindre H.A. and Axel Haugland

Sindre has 18 years of study in shamanic, yogic, tantric and embodied arts and sciences. He is passionate about holistic healing and building bridges of understanding between mystical and scientific disciplines.

Axel is an experience facilitator within the realms of movement, breath and the meditative mind. Axel has studied these techniques with some of the elders within these particular fields of self exploration and self realization - Breathwork pioneer Dan Brulé and yin teacher Biff Mithoefer