UpClose - Maiko Nishino-Ekeberg & Gabriel Schmitz


Come up close with Royal Ballet School trained and former principal ballet dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet, Maiko Nishino-Ekeberg from Osaka, Japan, and painter Gabriel Schmitz, who is a figurative artist residing and working in Barcelona. His main interest is the human figure as much in its physical expression as in its psychological depth.

With charcoal Gabriel is going to capture Maikos movements on paper, whilst she dances freestyle ballet to live music in our main gallery, performed by Aage Kvalbein on cello and Charles Rinaudo on piano. Midways we get a guest dance performance from Miharu Maki.

The classical and grand art of ballet will at Hos Arne be transformed from a distanced dance of nimble grace, to an up close art performance of precise energy, bright lyricism and controlled powerful softness. So close you can hear the panting. After the dance you will be able to study Gabriels sketches and feel how the visual sensation can shift from a static image, to a dynamic one with a pulse of its own.

Price: 350,-
Vipps to: 412 59 913 (Mark: Ballet)
Limited tickets

Hos Arne is an art and culture house that uses art and culture to communicate the learnings of Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss. We focus on his lessons on deep ecology, dialogue, democracy and play. “Every living being is connected intimately, and from this intimacy follows the capacity of identification and as its natural consequences, practice of non-violence…” Through closeness to art we can understand the intimacy and interconnectedness to each other and ourselves. Through these experiences we can build “…community and friendships and bring our human potential to life in a way that broadens our horizons.”

Hope to see you,
Hos Arne Se mindre