Community Brunch │ m. Lighthouse Collective


Community Brunch

Lighthouse Collective


11:00 - 15:00

After the huge success of our communal January 1st brunch, we're back with another edition at Hos Arne.

At The Lighthouse we believe that building a strong, resourceful, interconnected community is the foundation of a healthy society. A belief shared by the wonderful community at Hos Arne.

Our community brunch provides an opportunity for us all to contribute towards that goal. To meet new people in a wholesome setting, create lasting connections, network to open new windows of opportunity, and work towards the kind of society we would like to be a part of.

To make this process as stable and effective as possible we plan to host a brunch once a month, to provide one of a number of regular spaces in which the community can meet and grow.

This month's brunch will be a tasty buffet created by the amazing Ingrid Ruud Grytnes, a professional chef starting to establish her personal brand, and a wonderful individual whom we're excited to be able to support. You can check her culinary journey out here:

Setting the vibe will be Rebelle Collective, a young female DJ trio specialising in afrobeats, reggae, and dancehall whom we're blessed to be able to collaborate with on a regular basis as they begin to establish themselves in the scene.

They aren't yet officially active on social media, but you can follow them on instagram now and watch their journey unfold from the very beginning.

Tickets to the brunch:

250,- / VIPPS 41441852

Mark: Community Brunch

Limited tickets, secure yours.

We can't wait to share another beautiful communal experience with you, and together keep building towards a stronger, more wholesome society.

Let’s brunch!