Concert + Breathwork - Dennis Hollström & Matilda Hjärtstam


Breathwork + Concert with Dennis Hollström & Matilda HjärtstamWe invite you to this special intimate evening where we combine conscious breathing and music!

We start off with a light breathwork session that anyone can join into. For both absolute beginners and experienced. First we go through the set-up and the breathing technique. With breathing, self-composed background music and guidance we open up our minds and bodies as much as possible.

After the 30 minute session we move on with an instrumental sound journey and then we move into the concert.The songs are original songs, many of them from our band Dennis Hollström & The Ponies, some new songs and solo songs from Matilda Hjärtstam.

In between the songs we weave in storytelling and some philosophy to make the lyrics of the songs even more clear.We mostly use the instruments harmonica, banjo and guitar.We live in the woods of Blekinge, south Sweden and we look forward to coming up to Norway to breathe and play with you guys!

Vipps: 41777276 (comment - Breathwork)
Price: 300,-
Duration approx 90 min

Instrumental music: