Deep Thriving: Uncovering the Patterns that Connect Human and Planetary Health



Consider the exhausted activist who burns out at the end of a long campaign, consider the clearcut forest. Consider the burned-out single mother who lacks community support, or the depleted soil vulnerable to being eroded by erratic weathers. Consider the child who is ill with an autoimmune disease, or the ranging climate already setting in motion mass migrations. All these, we posit, are ailings that cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but that point to deeper, more systemic ailings. In their entanglements, they also point to the possibility of a deeper and more substantial thriving for all living beings.In a multidisciplinary panel, between practitioners of deep ecology, health, environmental activism, and farming, we will look at how human health and the conditions of wild, living places may be connected. We observe that many important discussions on human health do not always include the suffering of the planet - and many discussions and concerns around the natural world do not include our individual human health. Uncovering the patterns that connect this and that, we believe, can help us begin to see human thriving and the thriving of the planet as intrinsically interconnected, complementary aspects of a more integrated approach to what thriving means.

• Mari Jerstad - medical herbalist
• Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug, PhD - depth ecologist, philosopher and activist
• Siri M. Kalla - women's health practitioner
• Jonas Kittelsen - environmental activist
• Andrew McMillion - farmer and permaculturistModerated by Martin Lee Mueller, PhD - author and philosopherAfter the conversation, the dancer Katarina Skår Lisa will use her body to interpret the topic through an improvised dance performance. Then, we will open up the space for facilitated sharing in groups to further continue the conversation.~We warmly invite you to join us for this event, which is a cooperation between Motstrøms Deep Ecology Festival and New Story Hub, on May 4th, 17:00-20:00 (with the opportunity to stay and mingle) at the venue Hos Arne in Oslo.This is a donation-based event, meaning that while we suggest a donation of 150 NOK, we appreciate any amount that you are able to give. If you are not able to contribute financially, please do not hesitate to attend the event. And for those who can donate more, your generosity is greatly appreciated as it will help cover the costs for those who are unable to contribute as much.~ABOUT NEW

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