Embodied Integration│ (YES : NO - LOVE : POWER)


We have all had the experience of becoming aware of our own patterns and behaviors. We "work" on them, by trying to not do them because we´re aware that they are not beneficial to us or others in some way, or we would like to be more effective, natural, and feel the change.

We want that sweet automatic integration, where the desired behavior is automatic in the situation we need it in, so we don´t have to think so much about it and about how we behave. But somehow this is such a frustrating process, with constant reminders that no matter how aware we are of ourselves, we cannot simply will this change, and especially when we are tired, fatigued, or stressed.

This is where somatic practices excel, they are the "how" in integration. When we combine our awareness with embodied inquiry and exploration, change begins to dawn upon us. It is a magical feeling when we notice that we suddenly behave as we have practiced.

Many somatic practices are not very adept at making a good transfer from the mat and into life, because if we are not aware of how somatics work, we will do our yoga, martial art, weightlifting, etc in the same pattern we have always behaved in.

In this workshop, Sindre HA. will introduce you to the "how" of somatic practices. And you will explore your embodied YES and NO, and your LOVE and POWER. How do you say no? How does it land in others? Is it believable? Effective? Is it hard for you perhaps? Scary? And how is your yes? Do you mean it when you say it? Do you say it too much?

Most of us have issues with our NO in Norway, it's quite deep in our culture. And we can talk all day about the childhood trauma of your boundaries being crossed without any real change actually taking place. The final stage of healing is integrating an effective solution. Don't fight the old, create the new. And by extent, we also have issues with our YES. If you want to embody a sound NO and a FULL YES, to anything and everything in your life and self, this workshop is for you. LOVE and POWER are often seen as contradictory, my claim is that they are in fact the same thing. And I will prove it to you in this workshop and send you off with a masse gift of empowerment that you can continue to grow in your life for the benefit of the people around you and your own success in all endeavors.

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Bring your open mind and curious body.


This workshop might change your relationships and your life. This workshop is trauma-informed. Sindre HA. has over a decade of experience teaching somatics and nearly two decades of practice. His studies ranging from yoga, meditation, plant-medicines and martial arts to body-psychology and trauma.