Embodied Integration: 4 elements │ m. Sindre HA



m. Sindre HA

13:00 - 15:30

Welcome to an embodied lab where we explore integration and application of the 4 elements through the body.

If you haven’t been introduced to embodied cognition yet, you’re in for a major treat. 90% communication is non-verbal. In this workshop you will learn how to consciously use those 90% to achieve your desired outcome with state management, embodied practices like yoga and social interactions.

Deep, fun, enlightening and fascinating.

«Honestly one of my favourite workshops to teach. The level of insight and pragmatic applications offered are a joy to see being absorbed.» -Sindre HA

Vipps 400,- to 41397238 to secure your spot.

Maximum 20 spots.

Potentially triggering and life-changing.