Family Dinner for Healing


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Together For Healing Family Dinner is a local mutual aid fundraiser initiated by Dana Jdid in collaboration with friends, local community actors and artists.

It will take place at Hos Arne Arena in Oslo on Friday 10th from 18:15 - 23:30Together we are curating an evening dedicated to solidarity and mutual aid for the people that are affected by the earthquake in the city of Latakia in Syria. In a region already wracked by war and sanctions, people affected by the earthquakes are in serious need of resources for shelter, food, water, clothing, fuel and medical care. Due to barriers in getting aid into Syria we are raising funds that will go directly to local communities in the villages and rural regions. 100% of the donations will go through trusted friends, family and local actors in Latakia, who will be able to distribute the funds to people in urgent need of housing and other necessities.The mutual aid fundraiser will focus on supporting with one another and to show our solidarity with the people who are the most impacted by the earthquake. We will offer food, you can also contribute with your own and bring your own drink too. The evening will host artists such as Syrian oud player Nawar Al Naddaf and more.You are welcome to donate during the evening. You can find our Spleis donation link below in order to support the victims of the earthquake.

No matter how big or small every amount counts.

Spleis Donation Link