HEAR THE DANCE, SEE THE MUSIC - Maiko Nishino & Marius Gjersø


SEE THE MUSICHarmonizing Trumpet and Ballet: The Dynamic Collaboration of Marius Gjersø and Maiko NishinoIn a convergence of sound, movement, and unique visuals, Marius Gjersø, the internationally acclaimed trumpeter, composer, and producer from Oslo joins forces with Maiko Nishino, a distinguished dancer known as the former principal dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet. Their collaboration brings forth an extraordinary live experience that defies boundaries and captivates the senses.

The classical and grand art of ballet will at Hos Arne be transformed from a distanced dance of nimble grace, to an up close art performance of precise energy, bright lyricism and controlled powerful softness. So close you can hear the panting.Marius Gjersø's expertise in the trumpet is combined with his unique approach to composition and electronica, resulting in captivating soundscapes that blend harmoniously with creative visuals. These visuals, carefully crafted to complement the music, enhance the sensory journey for the audience. On the other hand, Maiko Nishino, renowned for her exceptional dance artistry, brings a wealth of experience. Her performances have illuminated both classical and modern repertoire, earning her accolades and recognition worldwide.Together, Gjersø and Nishino embark on a transcendent journey through "Yūgen," a collaboration named after the Japanese concept that captures the ineffable emotions evoked by the universe. "Yūgen," is Gjersø's latest album.This collaboration is a celebration of diverse cultures, genres, and artistic expressions. Gjersø's musical compositions, Nishino's captivating dance, and the carefully curated visuals combine to embody the ethereal beauty of "Yūgen," giving life to emotions that transcend verbal expression. Their partnership goes beyond individual brilliance, offering spectators an opportunity to witness the convergence of sound, movement, and visual artistry in its most profound manifestation

Doors open at 18.30
Tickets: 400,- without ticket fee.

Hos Arne is an art and culture arena that uses art and culture to communicate the learnings of Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss. We focus on his lessons on deep -ecology, dialogue, democracy and play. “Every living being is connected intimately, and from this intimacy follows the capacity of identification and as its natural consequences, practice of non-violence…” Arne says. Through closeness to art we can understand the intimacy and interconnectedness to each other and ourselves. Through these experiences we can build “…community and friendships and bring our human potential to life in a way that broadens our horizons.”