KRAFT • Eirik Skarholt & Malin Astara


KRAFT / Workshop

18:00 - 21:00

KRAFT is back.

We’re looking forward to share another potent evening with you all!

Come join us as Gøteborggata 27 at April the 6th.

What is KRAFT?

Kraft is an event aimed to help you unlock your power within. It’s a highly activated space where energy flows and our bodies can move however they wish to move. We allow the life force energy to work through us and become vessels of potency. As the energy penetrates our being the room becomes one big field of healing and transmutation. Like a tornado we activate a field of potency and burn away stagnant energies.

Not for the faint of heart, but also kind of for everyone. It's also very playful and fun, indeed.

The workshop is combined with opening and closing circle. We are strong believers in integration as this energy is highly potent and many have experiences they did not have before. Whatever this is for you, you will not know before you join!

Looking forward to see the ones who are ready for activation in Oslo.

Let's go!

-Eirik & Malin

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