KRAFT │ Unlock Your Power m. Eirik Skarholt & Malin Astara


KRAFT / Unlock Your Power

Eirik Skarholt & Malin Astara


18:00 - 20:30

What to expect -

Energetic Activation.

Experience the Fullness of your Being.

Activate Your Kundalini.

Come Alive -

Purify Your Emotional Body.

Release What No Longer Serves.

Unlock Your Power.


A potent workshop that will activate your kundalini and help you unlock your power. Purify your emotional body and release stagnant energy. Get ready to become highly activated, Ignited and on Fire.


- Kundalini Activation

- Embodied Movement

- Emotional Purification

- Sharing Circle

- Integration


350 nok.

Vipps to #721443 (Fremhuset) to secure your spot.

We’re looking forward to see you get activated and get fully ignited with excitement, energy and power.