Live Plants Embroidery Beginners Course (two days)

01.10 - 02.10.22

During this unique time when we connect nature and art under one roof, you will learn how to do embroidery using simple, beginner-friendly techniques. But first, you will be playing, studying and arranging live flowers & leaves to create your own, unique composition. This helps a lot when making your personalised designs. There is something touching and vulnerable while experiencing a fragile flower or a leaf. We will be able to save these memories through embroidery. This is a full beginners workshop – besides working on our designs by composing them from real flowers we will cover all the basics. You will leave the workshop equipped with tips and tricks to continue your embroidery journey. All the materials and a selection of live plants are included.

1 & 2.10
1200 NOK

To secure your spot Vipps 600 NOK to 736606 Small group - only 6 spots are available.

More info and details about the workshop: