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27.04 - 21.04.23

Afternoon retreat - How am I standing in my way

A three hour afternoon retreat where we find peace and time to just be with ourselves.A time to land in what is going on inside of you.To be with your feelings, your senses, your thoughts. Whatever is true to you here and now.My retreats are always journeys into becoming our authentic selves, and this one is no exception.We will seek inwards towards that which is standing in our way - inside ourselves. We will find curiosity in why we do not do or say all of the things we long for. Why exactly YOU are holding yourself back and in which way.This retreat is built as a stepping stone into finding confidence in being you and creating and living a life that you wish to live. During the spring and summer I am hosting 2 h - 5 day retreats which go deeper into the various elements of feeling safe being yourself.

Practical information:
Time: 18-21 April 27th
Place: Hos Arne
Price: 250 kr
Payment: vipps 250kr to 91841806 (or pay at the door, but send in case a message to Therese to reserve your spot)

About retreat and skill level:
You need no prior skills for attending this workshop as all of the techniques can be practiced by both experienced and beginner retreaters. All which is needed is the will to be yourself and show the world who you truly deep down are.This will be a quiet and introverted retreat for reflection. Time to be with yourself.

Generally about me and my retreats:
While helping companies become better versions of themselves I realized more and more that what really matters is the mental state of the people working there. The capacity to find curiosity into people's ideas or having capacity for our own creativity.In a world where stress, overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, depression and “doing more” has become part of the norm, I do not see room for joy, innovation and solutions to all of the challenges we as individuals and the society as a whole are standing in front of.SO, what if we dared being ourselves, taking care of ourselves and creating and living lives that actually made us feel relaxed and playful. How would that give value to you and your workplace and society as whole? What kind of solutions could we create together?With this in mind I have created a podcast and youtube channel where I interview amazing people about the value of choosing what matters to you.Also, I have read, studied, practiced and dug into the big universe of “how to actually be ourselves”. So now I practice coaching, somatic, mental and emotional tools that help us understand ourselves better, so that we can also better meet our own needs.In order to unconditionally love anyone else, we first have to start unconditionally loving ourselves. That actually means that taking care of yourself actually is the best way to also take care of anyone else you want to show your love.And you are the best role model for your friends, family, children, co-workers and anyone else you come by.You can read more about me,

Magefølelsen and my retreats here: listen to my podcast Magefølelsen wherever you listen to Podcast. Also YouTube. yourself the day you actually need today.All the best
Therese Fallentin & Magefølelsen