Morning Yoga


Welcome to morning yoga, in these classes we will be focusing on centering our bodies and minds, preparing us for the day to come and the challenges we might face. In the sessions we will be practicing Vinyasa Yoga, which means that we will be doing one breath with every movement, holding some poses for up to five breaths before flowing on, this technique assists in attaining balance in the body and mind at the same time as it builds physical strength. Through aligning body movements and breath, we become more in touch with what is going on in our body, which in turn is helpful in becoming more focused and present in the moment.

The classes will be held by Heidi Lane, who has practiced yoga for a decade, and has completed her yoga teacher training in India. The classes will be low impact, and will be modified to fit all levels of practice. Each class has a different focus point, and will mostly consist of hip openings and chest openings with some balance postures. These are areas that often suffer from sitting at a desk for longer periods of time, so offering a little extra TLC to these parts of our bodies is highly beneficial to our body and our minds well-being.

Bring your own mat!

It is possible to sit and eat breakfast after class until 8.30. Heidi will also make porridge for whomever wants. Remember to clean after yourself.

There are now only one shower availible, but the classes are not designed to make you sweat heavily.

Book your spot:
Vipps 200,- to 461 14 210
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