Movement classes

07.02 - 13.06.23

Just like the need for good food and rest, the body needs to be nurtured with Movement. Unmet needs are warned with stiffness and soreness, later on pain and limitations. Welcome to Movement Classes that offer a safe space for you to explore your physicality, and to grow physically and cognitively through Movement. The classes are both physical and educational.

The intention of these classes:
Increase your awareness of your body.
Recognize how Movement helps you grow.
Experience the true bliss of living in a turned on, living human body.
Learn quality lessons to take with you in life.

Your body craves to be nurtured with good quality Movement, consistently.

We will be working with efficient tools and drills that increase strength and mobility, involving tasks and Movement riddles that will boggle your mind, and playful interacting games that definitely will take you out of your head, and into your body.

What we’ll cover in November classes:
Movement Perspective’s, Basic Strength and Mobility, Focus and Responsiveness, Coordination
Somatic work

2 hour classes every tuesday

What to bring
Clothes comfortable to move in, water, notebook and pen.

250, - / Each class
Vipps to 920 73 233
All booking is binding
Send e-mail to to book your spot
There’s a limited number of spots each Tuesday and we will announce it here if the group is full.