New Moon Gong Sound Bath


I'm pleased to invite you to a new transformative gong sound bath at Hos Arne. We celebrate the energies of Ascension and the New Moon in Taurus. After the Gong Sound Bath I open the space for an Intuitive Voice Healing workshop.Tickets are 222 kr for the whole evening and 100 kr for the Voice Workshop only. Tickets are bought through Tikkio.

This is an inclusive event, some reduced-price tickets are available!
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Allow your body, mind and spirit to dive down into the world of sacred vibrations. You might find healing energy, powerful emotions, deep relaxation, and empowering insights. I can promise a unique experience that brings you out of your everyday stress and back into connection with what is important to you.The New Moon is the perfect time for new beginnings and to manifest your dreams. Invite the powerful energy of the moon and the gong to help transform your life!

We gather in a circle and take some deep breaths together. I introduce the gong and the sound journey. I invite everyone in the circle to share our intentions out loud. I will then create an intuitive sound journey based on the energies and vibrations that are present. You can expect sounds from gongs, drums, singing bowls, Koshi chimes, overtone singing and the didgeridoo. We end the sound bath in a circle chanting OM together.After the circle is closed, I will serve Greek Mountain Tea and stay in the space for a while. Feel free to stay if you want to have a cup of tea, if you need more time to integrate, or if you want to talk about anything that came up during the experience.After the Sound bath we have a small break with tea and chatting. At 20:00 you are invited to create a collaborative intuitive voice healing workshop. The focus will be on chakra toning and introduction level Tuvan throat singing techniques - especially Sygyt (bright/whistling) and Kargyraa (deep/growling).About the

Gong as an instrument has been used in Asia for thousands of years. It has been played for inspiration, relaxation, meditation and healing. It is rich in overtones, and creates mystical, deep and ever-changing vibrations when played.

The Vegvísir and Hagal gongs that I play are part of a Norse Gong fusion project, combining ancient sound traditions of the East with ancient rune magic from the North. The Vegvísir symbol is that of pathfinding; The intention is to help you to find your direction under any weather conditions. Hagall happens to be a weather condition, hail, symbolising chaos and rebirth.About

I have been interested in music, vibrations and finding out how the world works since I was a child. I have a PhD in astrophysics, and have both a theoretical and intuitive understanding of energy and sound.
I started playing the gong in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the otherworldly experience of hearing and playing it, with sensitivity and flow.
I have many years of practice with meditation, yoga, sound and breathwork, as well as training within Shamanism and Tantra.
Over time, I have developed a holistic interest in the interconnection between the Universe and the individual, society and nature, science and spirituality.
I also offer one-to-one sessions within many topics, especially energy work, touch and shadow integration.-----------------------------Practical About the Event:

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Full price 222 kr.
Reduced price tickets for 111 kr are available. I want this event to be inclusive!
Voice Workshop only: 100 kr.

(If you are tight on economy, or want to discuss other payment options, please contact Robert Hagala directly)There are 18 spots. Please come before 18:00 so we have time to settle. We close the sound healing circle at 19:30, but feel free to stay longer if you want to drink tea, mingle and sing with us.There are sheepskins there to lie on, but I encourage you to bring your own yoga mat or similar.It is recommended to avoid heavy meals and coffee right before the sound journey.

Drink plenty of water after the journey and have water or tea available for the voice workshop .I look forward to spending this evening of good vibrations with you