It's with great joy we warmly welcome you to our OYNS DAY, where we explore body, mind and spirit in a safe and playful setting.We will share with you our favourite practices for getting in touch with the body and the material beneath the surface of our conscious minds, to access more of our potential for compassion, joy and creative expression in life.The day consists of breathwork, movement, relaxation, sharing and a lecture on how these can excel us towards our full capacity of being in service for ourselves, our closest, humanity and planet earth.This is for you who want to reduce stress, restore body and mind, boost your health and increase vitality, heal trauma, connect with yourself and others at a deeper level, have fun, rest deeply, dance wildly ; )

• Warm up and mini breathwork
• Lecture and discussion
• Vivation breathwork
• Sharing
• Cacao and snack break
• Dance
• Eye gazing breathwork
• Relaxation
• Sharing circle

Our intention is for you to be equipped with practical tools for daily life and enough inspiration to actually use them! The OYNS-DAY is facilitated by Torunn Avelsgaard Lien and Robbin van der Crussen, certified and experienced breathworkers, guides and spaceholders.If you are curious about us, or want to try one of our free online sessions, go to our website www.oyns.no

What previous participants have said about OYNS:"Torunn and Robbin create a safe space for you to be vulnerable and teach you tools to explore yourself and heal"
//Sverrir"You will be amazed by the variety of ways you can connect with yourself, - and how fun it can be!"
//Ragnhild"The transitions from high intensity and stimulation, to relaxation and integration is a piece of true art. The amount of potential this work has for changing how we think about our body and nervous system is out of this world.”

Feel free to contact us if you wonder whether the practices are suitable for you or if you have any other questions:

Practical information: Please bring:
water bottle
mat/something to lie on
food if needed (we will serve cacao and a snack)Price: 700 nok.

Confirm your spot by vipps: 45089397

Lots of love!
Robbin & Torunn