OYNS│Vivation Breathwork



Crussen & Earth Doctor


17:00 - 20:00

We warmly welcome you to a lighthearted and multi-faceted breathwork experience.

As Vivation professionals, it is with joy and excitement that we bring this unique practice to Scandinavia.

Vivation is a breathwork meditation that draws both from ancient traditions and modern breathwork.

It is a thorough and precise skill, that allows us to gently get in touch with any negativity or trauma residue that is limiting our ability to enjoy the present moment fully.

We offer a short lecture followed by exercises leading into the actual breathwork session, which will be wrapped up with a ceremonial sound journey and sharing.

The skill of Vivation is the skill of doing nothing.


Through certain simple techniques we learn to stop judging, labelling, comparing and resisting what we are feeling.

When we stop doing these things, we start to integrate suppressed material and the inherent pleasure of simply being alive becomes available to us.

Price per session -

300NOK (Cash only)

Register by email -


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These sessions are opportunities to get a taste of our work. If you want to go all the way, our next retreat is April 9-15. This is an in-depth, transformative experience in which you will become fully autonomous in your breathwork practice as an integrative way of living.