Rebirthing Breathwork │ m. Axel Haugland / AANDEDRAG

23.05 - 27.06.22

Rebirthing Breathwork

Every Monday

A Rebirthing journey, with an instrumental sound shower and sacred songs.



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Mark: Breathwork

Welcome to this masterclass where we practice a classical Breathwork technique called Rebirthing. Also known as connected circular breathing.

The method is as clear and simple as it is profound.

By breathing, we build up a polarity between an active inhale and an passive exhale. In this way we create a powerful attraction. When we then allow these two opposites to merge and unite, breathing in a connected circular rythm, we are weaving together the dualistic forces in our being; Masculine and feminine, transformation and acceptance, light and darkness, life and death.

The circle and atmosphere is set by Axel Haugland, an experience facilitator within the realms of movement, breath and the meditative mind.

He will weave the poetry of sufi mystic Rumi, among others, in harmony with songs and sweet sounds of different instruments from all corners of the world, creating a field beyond space and time for you to travel in.

Axel has studied these techniques with some of the elders within these particular fields of self exploration and self realization - Breathwork pioneer Dan Brulé and yin teacher Biff Mithoefer.

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Let’s breathe,

Hos Arne