Step into Your Fire // Workshop m. Nicholas Ahlqvist





18:00 - 21:00

Nicolas invites you to join "Step Into Your Fire" Hos Arne.

Another workshop is back, after the last successful brother circle event.

So what does it mean to step into your fire?

For us it's about going in and claiming places in yourself that we are afraid to show to the world and then take ownership of your own divine masculine fire, and let it burn and shine so everyone can see it.

So how will we do this?

It's all about reactivating those things inside of us that have been hidden away when it wasn't safe to be free, and wild in our expression.And what better way to express ourselves than through singing and dancing?With these tools we want to support you to explore your inner fire in a safe space.

Nicholas Ahlqvist -

«Step into your fire came to me when I saw that it's not wrong to take up space and share my gifts»Nicholas has dug deep into what it means to be a man and what a brother is.Working with brother circles for couple of years, he now sees his own growth from this sacred work.«I had so many mask on when I was younger and wanted to fit it in society, and I’ve dealt with so many layers of self doubt since I was young. The more I go out from my comfort zone, the more I grow.I see how important it is to own your right place and use your voice.I see how important it is to dance and feel free!And I see how much I have grown from this.The gift of exploration within, is what want to share in a safe space for men.»

This workshop is donation based. We want you to give from what you get.

Hopefully you will feel the magic.

Donations by VIPPS to tlf.: 92144989

So, brothers. Let’s get together and create the new!