Utstilling m. Pernille Sandberg

07.01 - 08.01.23

Velkommen til utstilling m.
Pernille Sandberg

"The Bloom of Arduous Clarity"

Utdrag fra utstillingstekst av Ida Frisch:
I close my eyes when I long for time to set me free, to give myself back to the dark, to give my living cells back to something I cannot understand.
And I pray, in those moments, that my cells will remember how our eyes close when the mouth opens, how our eyes close when the body opens, that they will remember the fleshy heaviness of meat, or how the toes spread when sinking into mud.

Maybe it is because we’re all on our way home, that we lay still in darkness, telling each other stories of how it will be, about how time will bend around us, leaving us like an imprint, so that when we find our way back into the infinite dark, there will be a print left, like carvings on cave walls, or like wall paintings in churches, something to remember, something to put our fingers on, and to keep our fingers there as we walk past.

Pernille Sandberg is a Danish artist and director. She works in the intersection of several genres such as fine art, fashion, documentary, and film direction. Her work often carries the ambiance of melancholy and nostalgia, and she is best known for her intimate portraits. Several art collections have bought her work, and she has had exhibitions in Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York, and Tehran. Her clients include Zeiss, AnOther Magazine, NOWNESS, Joachim Trier and Vogue.

Artist: Pernille Sandberg
Art Director: Christian Husan
Music: Frank Wiedemann
Text: Ida Frisch, Maria Mokhova
Fine Art Print: Helge Hovland
& Atle Carlsen
Technical supervision: Fellesverkstedet, Ole Dyrseth
Financial support: Bergesenstiftelsen and Fritt Ord

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