Vegvísir Gong Sound Bath│Robert Hagala


Gong Sound Bath w. Cacao

Robert Hagala


18:30 - 20:30

We are pleased to invite you to a transformative gong sound bath.

Allow your body, mind and spirit to dive down into the world of sacred vibrations. You might find healing, deep relaxation, awe and empowerment. Robert can promise a unique experience that brings you out of your everyday life. You start in a circle, where Robert will introduce you to the gong and sound bathing, before you share our intentions with the circle. You can sit up or lie down while Robert plays the instruments. In addition to the gong, there will be singing bowls and Koshi chimes. We end the sound bath with a short sharing circle. Robert will stay in the space for a while after the circle is closed, if there are questions or if you need more time to integrate.

About the Gong -

The gong has been used in Asia for thousands of years. It has been played both during war and peacetime, for inspiration, relaxation, meditation and healing. The Vegvísir gong is part of a Norse Gong fusion project, combining ancient sound traditions of the east with ancient stave rune magic from the north. The Vegvísir symbol is that of pathfinding; The intention is to help you to find your direction under any weather conditions.

About Robert -

Robert has been interested in music, vibrations and finding out how the world works since he was a child. He has a PhD in astrophysics, and has both a theoretical and intuitive understanding of energy and acoustics. Robert started playing the gong three years ago and quickly fell in love with the otherworldly experience of hearing it and playing it, with sensitivity and flow.

He has many years of practice with meditation, yoga and breathwork. Over time, Robert has developed a holistic interest in the interconnection between the Universe and the individual, society and nature, science and spirituality.

Practical info. -

Sign up and book your spot through

Vipps: 222 kr to 99246527 (Robert Hagala)

The doors open at 18:15, please come before 18:30 so you have time to settle.

We close the circle at 20:30, but feel free to stay longer if you need time to land, integrate, communicate, or snuggle.

There are sheepskins to lie on, but you may of course bring your own yoga mat or similar.

We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket for an extra snuggly effect.

Hot Raw Cacao will be served.

Drink plenty of water after the sound bath.

We look forward to spend this evening of good vibrations with you.